Our Clients

Understanding the client is a critical aspect of business and technology consulting. If you don't comprehend the need, how can you develop and implement the solution? We consistently dedicate time to business analysis for each new project, which ensures that solutions are appropriate and cost-effective.

The AEC community has always been our primary client base due to our understanding of industry processes. In overview:

Architects. Architectural firms comprise our largest business demographic, accounting for 50% of our client base. We've been partnering with architectural clients for 20 years. We excel at establishing logical filing techniques and implementing sophisticated design and modeling packages.

Engineers. Over time, we've gained engineering firm clients through referrals from the architecture industry. In many ways, the technology support foundation is the same, with the addition of specialized software and processes. Engineering firms are 25% of our client base.

Contractors. The construction firm relationships we've built are grounded in the same core principles as our architectural and engineering firms. We have experience with field operations, job site setup, and construction methodology. We can handle new installations and field requirements, bringing you everything but coffee and a fax machine. Construction firms comprise 10% of our client base.

Professional Services. We have created business and technology solutions tailored for many different professional services environments. These clients have been part of our portfolio for over 20 years, and account for 15% of our client base. While their business rules are generally aligned with those of the AEC community, they often have unique needs. This leads us to continually explore new options to further improve processes and systems for these niche customers, as well as all clients.

Meet The Clients

A detailed reference sheet is available upon request. Please give us a call for more information.