The service approach at IBC Systems LLC has not changed from day one: we strive to understand each client's needs before making business and technology recommendations. We apply this simple concept to every engagement. We embrace a collaborative mindset and encourage our clients to be involved throughout the process, both to refine needs and wants, and to drive change within their organizations.


Where are we? How did we get here? We complete a thorough review of your existing network and design to confirm strengths and uncover weaknesses.


What needs to change? How can we evolve without disrupting business? We work side by side with senior management, IT, employees, administrative staff, and user groups to develop concepts and solutions. At the same time, we remain cognizant of existing business operations and expectations.


When should we change? What other factors influence decisions? It's all in the details. Current business goals, existing workstreams, budget projections, employee counts, hardware and software needs, network traffic, electronic file storage, workstations - we will address all these and more in creating a comprehensive plan for the work required.


What will the project cost? Who is responsible for what activities? We develop projects using proven methodology, which includes gathering requirements, budgeting for capital expenditures and staff, setting target dates for phase completion, executing individual tasks, and testing of all systems throughout implementation.


How does the work get done? Who will communicate progress? Once project parameters have been set, the project components will be assigned to our staff. Through a combination of email, conference calls, and onsite meetings, all project updates will be communicated to a primary contact person and designated project team within your organization. Questions, concerns, or changes can always be addressed with IBC Systems staff throughout the project.


What happens day to day? Who will be onsite? A great portion of our daily operations revolves around supporting PC workstations, laptops, and network servers. We are hands-on throughout implementation, ensuring you experience minimal downtime. In addition, we are available for discussions about business processes during scheduled maintenance work. This dialog is critical to enable continued success of existing and future systems.


What happens after the changes are implemented? How are systems maintained? All solutions are fully supported by our local staff, not third party or overseas vendors. Based on the contract or service agreement, phone support can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For some applications, we can eliminate travel times and connect directly into client systems to provide secure, immediate service. In addition, we can train a client's existing IT staff as requested to increase self-reliance and confidence in maintaining various systems.