IBC Systems LLC utilizes and supports a large variety of technology tools. The general categories, technologies supported, and key focus areas are detailed below. If you are looking for a specific product or service and don't see it listed here, please contact us via email at

Data Management

Data management is often misunderstood, and the concept can be viewed in numerous ways. We think that data management relates to design more than anything. Integrating the access process, storage layout, and devising naming conventions can be far more important than where the data physically resides. Creating balance between usage and housing the data will give the best long-term results.

Outside of the core design, we work with the most current and proven data management solutions available. From array technology to tape backup to hosted storage, we've implemented nearly every scenario to store, protect, backup, and archive our clients' "mission critical" business data.

Email Systems

We understand the lifeline that email delivers and the importance of accessibility. We focus on making email simple to use, via Microsoft Exchange, PDA-based, VPN-sourced, or one of many other third party providers. We are comfortable with all aspects of email management, implementation, and deployment.

File Servers

We focus on purpose, scalability, reliability, and redundancy in servers. We have been supporting Windows Server since its earliest version as LAN manager, and began deploying and migrating servers to Windows NT technology before it was common practice. We work on small office deployments up through large-scale corporate design projects. Design planning is our first step before any server purchase is considered.

Internet and Voice Services

We deploy internet connections in many formats. We are experienced in vendor management and negotiations, service quality requirements, and handling internet outages. Based on your needs, we can select the ideal internet provider for your business and proactively monitor system performance to avoid downtime.

Move Management

We will move one printer within an office or fifty desktops across the city. We offer migration services for network servers, internet, data storage, databases, and email systems. We design solutions to integrate all software and hardware based on client needs.

The overall goals, timeline, business impact, and your staff's needs are key items in any move. We create a plan, manage the process, and execute the necessary tasks efficiently.


We support servers, network routers, security devices, switches, and the network as a whole. We have 20 years of practical experience in network design, including interconnectivity awareness and troubleshooting skills.

We view the network as a living organism. If one system is suffering, it will create issues in other systems. We understand how the systems interact and work towards a remedy before you succumb to downtime.

Performance Computing

Maximum CAD/BIM 3D Performance Computing

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Printing, Plotting, and Imaging

We install and maintain printer and data imaging systems, including multi-functioning copiers and scanners. Let us select the proper drivers, set the color definition, choose a printer location, and install the printer for you. We will simplify your print processes in no time.

Security, Topology, and Physical Environments

We have experience in small to large data centers, including construction data center layout and design. We provide communications placement and installation services to architects and engineers. There are many elements and options available; we will conduct a needs assessment with you as requested to ensure we can deliver the optimum solution.

Software and Hardware Vendors

IBC Systems utilizes a wide variety of vendors and solution partners to help meet your needs.

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Workstations, Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets

We have a strong understanding of Microsoft Windows operating systems, and supporting these systems and applications comprises about 90% of our daily processes. We analyze end user needs to integrate useful technology solutions into our project plans, specifically solutions that users will benefit from each day.

We regularly work with many types of PC hardware and hardware vendors, giving us additional strength where troubleshooting and implementation are concerned.